About the brand

Wag City Clothing launched in 2017, although the dream to create high quality, funny graphic tees for our best furends, started long before. Rocio Alvarado, the designer and owner has a background in fashion design and wanted to translate that into dog clothing. She wanted to take the techniques and fabrics used in human clothing and create new and innovative clothing for dogs. Wag City Clothing is not for your basic bitch. You will never see over the top bells and whistles at Wag City. We take current trends happening in the fashion industry and translate that into pupwear. 

One of the many things that sets Wag City apart from other dog clothing is the fact that Rocio is a dog owner and understands the needs of a dog. Not only is her background in fashion design and garment construction, she has handmade the patterns and fit them numerous times on multiple breeds. So, while it may not fit all dogs, it comes pretty darn close to having a perfect fit for most. 

Wag City and the Environment

Wag City believes in protecting our environment and minimizing waste. All of the fabric used in our tees, is fabric that large companies have chosen to get rid, we buy it and upcycle it for our tees. Everything is sourced and made in Los Angeles, we believe strongly in growing the manufacturing industry in the US. The ink used on the tees is safe for the environment and safe for our best furend. 


Originally from Texas, Rocio moved to LA in 2009 to pursue her dream of fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Prior to that she earned her Bachelors degree in Public Relations from the University of North Texas.  She has 6 years in the fashion industry and has worked designing for mass relators like: Target, Walmart, Macy's and smaller boutique companies. When she went out to shop for her dog Maverick, she noticed a gap in the market there was a lack creativity and quality.  She then decided to take her passion for design and love of dogs, merge the two, thus resulting in Wag City.

Maverick, vp of treats

We don't know very much about Maverick's past life since he was rescued from a Los Angeles animal shelter in 2014.  He was emaciated, afraid of humans and didn't want to socialize with any of the other dogs. Rocio, felt his pain and knew all he needed was a little love in his life. He immediately learned to trust her and together they formed a bond that is unbreakable. He is at her side when she is up late patterning, sewing or up early getting ready to help his mama sell Wag City at events.  He is now happy, healthy and loves being the VP of treats and our fit model from time to time. Maverick loves long walks in the park and car rides with the wind in his hair.